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Pottery Artists

Anita Hughes

"teaching the art and function of clay” All of my life has been involved in some form of art, creating something with my hands. Art is like a symphony, all the different parts coming together to create something beautiful to be seen,

Helene Fielder

Hello, my name is Helene Fielder A lifelong journey in clay… After three decades working with clay, I’m still excited when the kiln lid opens. The clay experiment is still in progress. From the concept on paper, construction and glaze testing.

Jan Hoyman

Jan Hoyman Studio in Ukiah, CA  has been making pots since 1984, every piece is handmade and hand crafted.  Care is given to every piece whether it is a mug for drinking coffee or a wedding plater to cherish forever.  Each piece is touched over twenty-five times before it is

Karl Compton

I took up pottery as a hobby almost 20 years ago, recently I was able to retire and take it up full time at my lakeside studio in Collinsville, Mississippi, where I throw stoneware and porcelain and fire both midrange electric

Hayden Butler

Hayden's Pottery Shop, owned and operated by Hayden Butler from Wiggins, MS, is based in Nashville, TN.  Growing up in South MS, Hayden always had a knack for creating art in various mediums from woodworks to canvas.  However, it wasn't until her freshman year at Delta State University when she

Lizzie Baldwin

Most of Lizzie's creations are simplistic and traditional, however; she does enjoy exploring different textures and experimental designs with glaze.  The type of work she does in ceramics is primarily wheel thrown.  Her love for this medium comes from the challenging nature of the entire process.  The physical aspect of

Tutta Greer Cone

Tutta Greer Cone  is an artist and potter that lives in coastal Alabama.  She taught art for 28 years in Mobile and served as president of the Mobile Art Association and was on the board of the Mobile Museum of Art.  Tutta loves all kinds of art and has a

Ann Marie Cooper

Pottery Artist at Kulshan Clayworks “The organic nature of coils – their ability to go anywhere and be anything – has me seeing the world through coiled glasses.” Click on image to learn more about the piece and/or


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