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Jewelry Artists

Mignon Faget

Artist Profile Mignon Faget is a New Orleans-based jewelry brand deriving its signature designs from the natural and architectural forms of the city’s environments. Since 1969, Mignon Faget has been a pioneering creative and design force in the New Orleans community and

Bella Rose

Artist Profile Antique & Vintage Holy Medals and Pendants Re-imagined… Bella Rose Combines Faith and Fashion In the midst of the current trend for all things old, there’s no shortage of jewelry lines that aim to recreate a look from the past.

Mia Kaye

Artist Profile Mia Kaye is a Vintage Jewelry Designer where her specialty is unique jewelry. Mia Kaye has always been attracted to antiques and when creating her collection, she imagines how life was during the time period the pieces were originally designed.

Lisa George

Artist Profile Lisa George’s career path started in New York working in marketing and advertising. A spontaneous trip to Grand Cayman turned into a four-year stay when she was unexpectedly offered a job as a Morning Show Co-Host on the island’s radio

DeAna Autry

Artist Profile DeAna Autry of Ocean Springs leads a versatile life. Inspired by her passion for music and the visual arts, this mother of five and grandmother of three sings in multiple choirs plays the piano, paints, and makes jewelry. Also a gallery consultant

Vickie Wooten

A native of Ocean Springs, Vickie grew up surrounded by a creative family and community.  While Vickie enjoys working with fibers, paints and clay, her love for texture and mixing elements led her to metalsmithing and beading.  You can find bits of texture applied with hammers and roll printing techniques,

Holly Yashi

Artist Profile Since 1981, we at Holly Yashi have been making quality, handcrafted artisan jewelry in our Redwood Coast design studio in Arcata, California. For nearly 35 years, our signature style of colorful and lightweight niobium metal is still what makes Holly

Kristi Hyde

Artist Profile I am a southern independent artist and jewelry designer, born and raised near the river banks, pine forests and cotton fields of Decatur, AL. I graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art & Design in


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