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Mia Kaye

Mia Kaye is a Vintage Jewelry Designer where her specialty is unique jewelry. Mia Kaye has always been attracted to antiques and when creating her collection, she imagines how life was during the time period the pieces were originally designed. Each piece of jewelry that is designed is all hand selected and the pieces are purchased for their originality of design and quality of workmanship. Mia Kaye’s jewelry consists of antiques, vintage and contemporary pieces.
Through inspiration for each piece, her mission is to bring jewelry to life thru history, she knows that she can design pieces for individuals that will not just look good on them, but will compel those in their presence to view them in their entire splendor.

Since her youthful formative years, creativity has always brought her joy and personal satisfaction. The love of creating and designing has followed Mia Kaye throughout her adult life.

“Seeing others enjoying my jewelry gives me the ultimate satisfaction. When clients tell me that they wear their pieces every day, it tells me that I am accomplishing my dream.”

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