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Kristi Hyde

I am a southern independent artist and jewelry designer, born and raised near the river banks, pine forests and cotton fields of Decatur, AL. I graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 1998, and moved to Atlanta, GA in 1999 to pursue my field… Atlanta was to be my “pit-stop” until I unexpectedly began making and selling jewelry in 2001. And now, over… 10 years later, I am very fortunate and blesses to say that my artisan jewelry business continues to grow and thrive in this ever evolving southern metropolis…

My jewelry designs are inspired by nature, the pulse of an urban life, and a long time love and appreciation for antique jewelry and fine art. The style of my jewelry is modern vintage infused with an organic design philosophy and a fairytale aesthetic. I do my best to find balance in asymmetry and to honor the perfect imperfections of our natural world… a broken twig, the skeleton of a leaf starting to reveal itself, the way a hydrangea blossom turns from soft white to coppery brown, all the while keeping its perfect grace and form. The orchid leaves I use in my jewelry curl in such a way when they are drying as if they are dancing for one last time. I then, capture their last performance; their last shriveling and curling wish to be beautiful perhaps, into silver and gold.

My design perspective follows my belief that every element in a piece should have a relationship with the next, no matter how significant or insignificant. The simplest parts of a design are equally important as the intricate parts. I feel that the attention to detail, along with the unexpected compositions and imaginative implementations of color and textures, are what gives my jewelry its distinctive style. I want my customers to feel they are investing in something really special for themselves, something that cannot be found just anywhere…

Essence, or mood, is the means of expression within my jewelry designs. We talk and walk, dress and embellish ourselves according to it everyday, and as it changes from time to time, it also evolves. So, it’s only natural that mood plays a significant role in how I select my materials that ultimately inspire my designs. Jewelry is worn to express emotion just as it is worn to express personality and an individual sense of style. Jewelry should be worn for its beauty and for fashion’s sake, but also as a reflection of personality and a representation of the intuitive spirit.

My experimental nature keeps my work fresh and imaginative. My silver and gold orchid leaves came about by pure happenstance, and that is my favorite part of the creative process…. the magic, the mystery. Along with my orchid leaves collection, are accompanying collections of hydrangea blossoms, pods, branches, birds and charms. My hand made collections include earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that are intermingled with an array of gemstones and pearls, leather, silk and various precious metals. My pieces have a feminine, romantic and wild spirit. They are sculptural, fluid, bohemian, beautifully uncommon, and always One Of A Kind.

Kristi L Hyde
Jewelry Designer and Artist

Kristi Hyde

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