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Kim Duease

There is an overwhelming feeling of pure joy that people get when they step inside the world of Kim Duease – a fresh, new and slightly unpredictable home and wearables lifestyle brand.  Everything Kim makes is completely inspired and derived from her original artwork, using materials and fabrics: hand rendered with her inspirations from life and travels.

A notable interior designer, artist and stylist, Kim’s art and design work has been featured in various publications and on the walls of people’s homes across the world.

Kim’s signature is a combination of daring color and simple strokes with happy graphic interactions suitable for children and adults alike. Drawing from touchstones of her upbringing in the Mississippi Delta, rich in history and the land of plenty and want…Kim is painting her life and telling her story in printed textiles. Her original art ignites an unforgettable sense of individuality, warmth and personality that is unmistakably Kim Duease. 

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