Tom Stade at The Pink Rooster Art Gallery in Ocean Springs, MississippiThomas Stade


Thomas is a nationally recognized Artist featured in American Artist magazine and the recipient of both national and local awards. Born and raised in Gladstone, Michigan he attended Kendall School of Art and Design with a degree in Illustration. He also attended Northern Michigan University. Currently he lives in Woolmarket, MS with his wife Sue.




Below is a list of awards and shows:

  • Fairfield Glade Art show: Received Best of Show 2012
  • Fairfield Glade Art Show: Received First place 2013
  • Mobile University: One of top 5 awards 2011
  • Northeast Watercolor Society Show (New York) received Cadillac Art Gallery Award
  • Louisiana Watercolor Society Exhibition, he was one of 74 selected from over 700 entries.
  • San Diego Watercolor Society Show
  • National Woodstock Artists Association Watercolor Exhibition
  • Muskegon MI Regional 1991& 1993, received the Sunice N. Anderson Award
  • Flowers in Bloom @ the Muskegon Summer Art Show, he was one of five featured artists.
  • One man show in Grand Rapids MI.
  • Featured in American Artists Watercolor Magazine, edition 91.
  • One of 3 Artists selected to supply Art for the State Bldg. in the state of Washington

 What he does:

His primary work now is in acrylics but also watercolors and oils. He is very versatile which allows him to adapt too many varied requests. His specialty is commissioned work for designers who have a special need for a specific color scheme or subject matter. He also does murals and specialty art projects.

Art for me is not to transcend the viewer into a color and compositional appetite, but to send them into a time period of either the past or present. You may call me a documentary artist. But make no mistake as to what drives me to what I paint, It is that wondrous and magical effect of light, and for me it’s the essence for all my artwork. It’s taking the most mundane subject matter and transfixing that wondrous effect of light to that subject matter.


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